27th September 2017

International Collaborative for Best Care for the Dying Person members from 7 countries have recently been awarded funding from ERANET LAC to establish an international standard of an existing validated instrument (Care of the Dying Evaluation – CODETM) which can be used within an action research framework to create benchmarks for practice and engage an active quality improvement cycle to drive up the standard of care at local, national and international level.

This project seeks to conduct an international survey of bereaved people using the CODETM questionnaire, developed at the University of Liverpool, to assess the current quality of care at an international level, enable comparisons between countries, and develop a common benchmarking tool.

Based on transnational cooperation, key findings from the international survey will be utilised to implement clinical practice changes, involving bereaved relatives in the action planning. The immediate impact of these changes will be assessed from a family and healthcare professional perspective. The planned project outcomes are an international report on the current status of care for dying cancer patients, a common international outcome measurement tool, guidance on how measurement results can be used to improve quality of life for dying cancer patients, and dissemination of the results to healthcare professionals and the public. More details on the project website click here