8th March 2019

The kick-off meeting for the €4.5 million EU Horizon 2020 funded iLIVE project took place in Rotterdam in February.

The project, entitled “Living well, dying well: A research programme to support living until the end (iLIVE)”, will demonstrate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of two innovative interventions in end of life care by developing and evaluating:

  • A digital clinical tool to optimize medication management to relieve symptoms that occur at the end of life
  • An international volunteer programme to support patients dying in hospital, and their families

LIVE will also provide in depth understanding of the concerns, expectations and preferences of dying patients and their caregivers, and deliver the first Core Outcome Set for care of the dying.  To realise this, we will perform a 10-country prospective cohort study of 2,000 patients with a life expectancy of six months or less, across different settings, diagnoses, ages, genders, socio-economic and religious groups.  The cohort study embeds two controlled clinical trials and puts the Collaborative at the forefront of research into care for the dying on a global basis.

Work on the project is now underway and the second Consortium Meeting will take place in Bled, Slovenia in June 2019.

Project members can click here to view the iLIVE intranet.